The Philosophy

Melissa Bui is a dreamer and a firm believer that magic exists in creativity. Her particular brand of magic traces back to her days spent studying embroidery at the prestigious London College of Fashion, where she quickly earned the nickname “bunny” due to her energetic, excitable personality. It was there that she first embarked on a creative journey which she affectionately called her ‘cotton tale’. Melissa’s approach to fashion reflects her rampant imagination: each season, she envisions a magical dreamworld and brings it to life through her collection.

Embellishment is where Melissa’s designs truly shine. “Clothing is an art-form, just like a painting. The shell of the clothing is my canvas, and the embellishments I add are simply the paint,” says Melissa of her design process. Each finished piece in her collection begins as a work of art—be it a drawing, a painting or a mixed-media piece—these, combined, serve as stepping stones in the development of her print and embroidery designs, and are eventually translated into the form of wearable art.

With each collection, Melissa explores contrasting ideas; her captivating world focusing on the blending of two polarising themes that, when brought together, create a refreshingly weird-but-wonderful aesthetic. The Melissa Bui collection is defined by a retro-chic meets modern- feminine aesthetic, and features a vibrant mix of colours, textures, mesmerising details and delicate embellishments. Be charmed by Melissa as she sets out to write new chapters of her ‘cotton tale’ each season, exploring different whimsical themes.

About the Designer

Melissa Bui

Born in Canada and raised in the bustling city of Hong Kong, Melissa Bui studied at the prestigious London College of Fashion (LCF), majoring in Surface Textiles for Fashion. Choosing to specialise in Embroidery Design, Melissa graduated with First-Class Honours in 2011. During her second year at LCF, Melissa was selected to design a look to celebrate the centenary of the Ballet Russes, which was displayed in an exhibition presented by the famed Victoria & Albert Museum and the renowned English National Ballet. This was also the year that Melissa interned for both the celebrated London-based designer Matthew Williamson as well as Hong Kong-based couturier, Vivian Luk.

After graduating, Melissa pursued her career in fashion by working as illustrious Hong Kong couture designer Barney Cheng’s Assistant Designer. Here, she worked closely with the designer himself to create one-off, made-to-order pieces, as well as functional-but-stylish uniform designs for various conglomerates in the region.

In 2013, Melissa launched her first collection 'Antoinette on the Moon'.

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